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Traffic Jams

Let’s face it, traffic can bring on road rage from the most patient of drivers. There are many apps that can get you from Point A to Point B and give you an ETA (estimated time of arrival) along your route. Now, there are apps that will help you avoid traffic issues to get to your destination with as little delay as possible.

Waze Traffic AppOne such app is called Waze. Like many other apps on the market, it can use cellphone data to track when traffic slows on the interstates across the country. But Waze goes a step further to get user input on what’s happening on the roads. That’s right, you’re not only a user of the app, but you also become a traffic reporter letting other commuters know what’s going happening on the roads.

As you drive, Waze follows you along your route, much like a GPS tracks your trip. As you approach something that might slow you down, it displays on the map. But if you come across an incident that does not appear, you can report it for others to see. Tap on the lower right side of your phone’s screen and you can select what to report. For example, slow traffic along your route, an accident that is not showing, traffic stops, and much more. Each report earns the user points, which are used to increase your ranking among other Waze users. Those points allow you to unlock characters that other drivers can see.

One of the best features is you don’t have to be using the app to get the information. As  you drive, Waze will alert you to any hazards ahead of you and offer alternative routes.

Waze doesn’t allow you to just report information happening on the roads. You can also share gas prices with other Waze users. One of the downsides is you have to drive 100 miles using Waze before it will allow you to share this information with other drivers.

There is also a social component to Waze. The app will allow you to alert your friends your ETA if you are all meeting. It’s a great way to let them know that you’ll be on time, and more importantly if you’re running late.



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