RadarScope: Weather Radar in Your Hands

This screen capture shows storms moving across Charleston, South Carolina recently.

RadarScope is truly the must have weather app for any budding weather geek. The power of weather radar is truly at your fingertips with this app that is available for Apple and Android devices. We have used RadarScope for nearly two years and love the functionality and information it provides. We used RadarScope recently to track Hurricane Matthew as it passed over shores from Florida to North Carolina. We found the detail and accuracy to be second to none.

Credit: RadarScope

RadarScope puts NEXRAD radar along with weather warnings on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Along with Super-Resolution radar data, you can see tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash food and other warnings issued by the National Weather Service. The latest versions of RadarScope provide storm tracks of storms moving through your area. You can even change radar stations to see approaching weather.

The display is user-friendly, color-coding tornado warnings outlined red in the impacted areas, several thunderstorm warnings displayed with yellow polygons, or flash flood warnings shown in green.

On smartphones and tablets, use your finger to scroll around the map. You can use your fingers to pinch or stretch in and out of the selected map. RadarScope taps into the National Weather Service’s 156 NEXRAD radar sites and 45 Terminal Doppler radars across the United States. There is also access to 30 radar sites in Canada and two in the Republic of Korea.

You can pinpoint and mark locations on the maps to make reference easy. This is all available in the basic free service.

You can also choose RadarScope Pro, a subscription service that offers access to real-time lightning data, extended loops of Super-Res Level 2 data, to up 20 frames versus six frames in the basic service.


If you are a self-proclaimed weather geek, RadarScope is a must-have app.

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